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Access Kenai Fjords National Park


Seward Air Tours: Experience a true Alaskan pasttime as you fly in this Wheel-Ski airplane. Boasting tours of the KFNP and the only Seward operator offering Glacier Landings on the Harding Icefield. My absolute favorite way to see the park! Joey is one of the most skilled, passionate pilots I've met, and is sure to leave you in awe!

Marathon Helicopters: Picturesque glacier landings and scenic flights closer to Seward as well as flight seeing over Kenai Fjords National Park! Mike is the man and you're sure to have a great time flying with him!

Seward Helicopter Tours: Famous for their glacier dog sledding tours on Godwin Glacier, just a few minutes by helicopter from the Seward Airport

Small Boats and Cruises

Kenai Fjords Tours: Large boat tours into the KFNP and dinner cruise to Fox Island. Book with me to receive 15% off!

Major Marine Tours: Small and Large boat tours into the KFNP. Book with me using this link to receive 10% off! We use the commissions we receive to take our employees on an end of season vacation! The more we sell, the better their vacation!

Northern Latitude Adventures: Tailored Whale Watching on a small 6-pack boat. These captains are some of my favorite people in Seward - I guarantee you'll have a great time and have some awesome whale encounters with them! 

Seward Ocean Excursions: they run trips Year-Round! Small 6-pack boats with a variety of tours from sight-seeing, whale watching, beach combing, and never a dull moment!

Charter Fishing 

Seward Charters: All about the fish! This small 6-pack boat operator wastes no expense. With a gorgeous fleet and all the insider fishing knowledge, this company takes charter fishing to the next level.

Shore Fishing

Adventure 60 North: Fishing pole and Wader rentals, as well as a guided snagging trip. I highly recommend a guided trip fishing trip with these guys if you've never been snagging for salmon before!

Hiking, Rafting, Paddling, Bear Viewing and more adventures: 

Kenai Backcountry Adventures: Seward's only rafting adventures, these guys offer a wide variety of trips and tours from easy to strenuous activities. Whatever your adventure is, they've got the trip for you. Use this link to book your trip and receive 10% off!


There are so many great kayaking companies in Seward as it's home to some of the most scenic, world renowned kayaking imaginable. All of the companies are wonderful, but here are some of my favorite kayaking trips - Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Adventure 60 North - Heli-Kayaking at Bear Glacier Lagoon. That pretty much sums it up! Kayaking, flight seeing, icebergs, glaciers, in a lagoon; this trip really packs a punch and there's truly no other experience quite like it!

Kayak Adventures - Join these guys for a once in a lifetime boat and kayaking trip to Kenai Fjords National Park's Aialik (EYE-al-ick) Glacier. You're sure to see it all on this tour, from all of the amazing wildlife the Park has to offer, to the incredible show the glacier puts on as she sheds her ice, a process called calving. This is my second favorite way to see Kenai Fjords National Park!

Sunny Cove: With their own boats, they're able to offer even more diverse trip options. If you're looking for a more budget-conscious way to kayak, but you want to get out a little farther from town, I highly recommend their Fox Island Kayaking tour

Liquid Adventures: These guys do it all! Big, small, land or sea, there's a trip for everyone. I recommend checking out their cruise-kayak options to Bear Glacier or Holgate Glacier! Two spectacular locations, not to mention a smaller tour size to maximize your time in these beautiful areas.


Alaska Sealife Center: Alaska's only aquarium aimed toward education and sea life rehabilitation. Between the good they do for the wellness of our wildlife all over the state of Alaska, and the support they provide our community, the Sealife Center is an icon that cannot be missed! Great rainy-day activity! Book with me to receive an entrance discount.

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